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Developer & professional chef

Welcome to the Culinary and Technological Fusion of Chris Villarreal

Hello! I’m Chris Villarreal, an Executive Chef & Assistant Property Manager for Texas Chi Omega, and a visionary at the intersection of culinary arts and technology. My career is a unique blend of exquisite culinary expertise, property management, and innovative technology solutions.

My roots are deeply embedded in the world of Information Technology. As a former Master PC Technician and Network Administrator holding an A+ certificate, I have a profound understanding of the technological landscape. This background has been instrumental in shaping my approach to culinary management.

In addition to my culinary and tech endeavors, I have a creative side as a font designer, known in the typography community as Chris Vile. My work in font design reflects my passion for blending artistic flair with practical functionality, creating unique typefaces that are used globally.

At the heart of my journey lies the co-creation of Food Clout Consulting, a pioneering food safety consulting firm in Austin, Texas. Following this venture, I founded SafeCuisine Solutions, where I apply my certifications in HACCP and Food Manager Safety to elevate food safety standards in the industry.

My passion for integrating technology with culinary practices is showcased in “Feed Our House”, an app I created that’s available on Google Play and the Apple Store. This revolutionary application automates SOPs and procedures for restaurants, hotels, and sororities, bringing traditional kitchen operations into the digital age.

Continuing my endeavor to merge IT expertise with culinary innovation, I developed “Risky Bites”, a geofence application that provides real-time restaurant health inspection scores. This app not only ranks #1 on Google and Bing for Health Inspection reports in Austin but also attracts over 4,000 unique visitors a month.

Join me on this exciting journey as I bridge the gap between old-fashioned kitchen procedures and modern technology, ensuring every culinary experience is safe, efficient, and technologically advanced.


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Current Projects and Endeavors

chris vile fonts

Chris Vile Fonts, merging art and function, offer diverse, stylish typography for unique branding, transforming text into visual art.

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font monger

Fontmonger, led by Chris Vile, offers 200+ fonts blending creativity and functionality. From grunge to futuristic, it’s a top resource for global designers.

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safecuisine solutions

SafeCuisine Solutions enhances culinary safety, focusing on health scores and compliance, ensuring hygiene and efficiency.

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webustrial project

Webustrial, a novel eCommerce site, offers a vast selection of industrial tools and compressors, simplifying purchases for professionals.

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Psalms and silks

Psalms & Silks merges edgy death metal art with Christian messages, offering unique, faith-inspired fashion. Explore a style where boldness meets spirituality.

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feed our house

Feed Our House streamlines communication in hospitality. It simplifies service requests for hotels, restaurants, and sororities, enhancing efficiency and transforming traditional management methods.

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devoyed logo generator

Devoyed Logo Generator offers quick, creative logo design. Specialized in unique genres like horror and sci-fi, it provides users with custom fonts and intuitive tools for distinctive, professional logos.

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risky bites

Risky Bites provides real-time restaurant health scores, aiding informed dining choices. It enhances food safety awareness, helping users select safe eateries and encouraging restaurants to uphold high hygiene standards.

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