Hello! I’m Chris Villarreal, an Executive Chef & Assistant Property Manager for Texas Chi Omega, and a visionary at the intersection of culinary arts and technology. My career is a unique blend of exquisite culinary expertise, restaurant management, and innovative technology solutions.

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Innovative Applications by Chris Villarreal: Revolutionizing Industry Standards

Devoyed Logo Generator: Revolutionizing Logo Design Across Genres

Experience the ease and creativity of logo design with Devoyed Logo Generator, a tool that transcends the conventional boundaries of branding. This generator is your artistic partner in developing unique, professional logos. Whether you’re looking to capture the essence of horror, death metal, sci-fi, or any genre in between, Devoyed offers an extensive library of custom fonts and intuitive design features. Customize each character of your logo to perfectly embody your brand’s identity. Devoyed is not just software—it’s a gateway to innovative, personalized branding, empowering you to create logos that are as unique as your vision.

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Creative Logo Design Simplified

Genre-Specific Font Library

Instant Branding Tool

Efficiency in  Management

Streamlined Communication

Direct Device Service Requests

Feed Our House: Transforming Hospitality Communication

Introducing “Feed Our House“, an innovative application poised to revolutionize communication in the hospitality industry. Designed with a primary focus on sororities, this unique platform extends its versatile functionality to hotels and restaurants as well. It provides an unparalleled solution for members, guests, and patrons to send service requests directly from their devices. This approach effectively makes traditional bulletin boards and crowded meetings obsolete, streamlining communication in a way never seen before. With “Feed Our House”, the need for direct contact or phone calls to front desk or service staff is a thing of the past. Embrace convenience, embrace efficiency, embrace the future with “Feed Our House” – where every service request is just a touch away, redefining how your sorority, hotel, or restaurant communicates​.

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Risky Bites: Ensuring Safe Dining Experiences

Discover “Risky Bites“, a trailblazing application dedicated to providing essential information on restaurant health inspection scores. Our mission at Risky Bites is to empower customers to make informed, safe, and healthy dining choices. We focus on holding restaurants accountable for their hygiene and food safety practices, ensuring transparency in the industry. Our team meticulously analyzes health department records and other reliable sources to identify and share data on restaurants with poor health inspection outcomes. Beyond just identifying risky dining spots, we offer an extensive range of resources and tips to ensure your dining experiences are safe. From interpreting health inspection reports to advising on restaurant hygiene assessments and protecting against foodborne illnesses, we’ve got you covered. Risky Bites isn’t just an application; it’s a commitment to safe dining. Our distinctive brand identity, featuring a stylized skull and crossbones logo and a striking black and yellow color scheme, underscores the crucial message of vigilance in food safety. Our bold, modern typography reflects our straightforward and informative approach to keeping you informed and safe while dining out.

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Informed Dining Decisions

Restaurant Safety Transparency

Food Safety Vigilance